What do you think of the new website?

I’m pleased to tell you that my long awaited website is now live. I’m really pleased with how it looks and I’m keen to get your thoughts. Let me know in the comments section below and if there’s anything you’d like to see more of or think I should include, just let me know.


Paul James

Paul James. Born 19th July 1947 in Gravesend, Kent is a British comedian, actor, producer and radio presenter. Known as ‘PJ the DJ’ to his fans, he was one the most famous voices on BBC Radio Kent for 28 years. Since leaving the BBC, Paul continues to appear on stage in theatres across the country performing comedy, cabaret and hosting his popular Paul James Party Weekends.

  • reply Paul Joslyn ,

    Hi Paul
    I was at warmers last night and you were brilliant as always
    Miss the old BBC Saturday carry on so do many others in Kent

    • reply Paul James ,

      Hi Paul

      Absolute pleasure to have you along. Hope to see you again soon.


    • reply Jackie ,

      Hello Paul,

      Yes I also miss listening to the Saturday show and cannot stand the presenter that they have on now so I do not listen.

      • reply mick trim ,

        Hi Paul
        Just read in the Gravesend Messenger 21/04/2016 that you have two cd’s coming out a) Looking Back and b) The Best of Paul James but cannot find any mention on your new web site. Are they available yet and if so where from. Are you doing any shows at the Woodfield Halls in Gravesend as they are brilliant each time?.
        Mick Trim

        • reply Andy ,

          Paul. Remember me? We used to share a coke everyday for 4 weeks in Margate with your dear friend Paul Harris and mine tony Tegan before the summer show. I’m after a favour I work now for nurse plus and am holding a residents afternoon on the 22nd of December in Dover would you support this with an hour of laughs and a bit of light hearted fun? Happy to work out an arrangement… My number is 07921836604. Thank you Andy

          • reply Graham Cresswell ,

            Hello Paul,
            I have just joined your all “New” website I think it looks great myself. Having lived in Kent for some 39 years the Mrs. and myself have been listening to yourself and that other Paul, oh yes Mr. Paul Harris for a number of years. We did like your twosome show on a Saturday. but sadly it has come to an end, which we are sorry to hear.
            I have seen that Mr. Harris is appearing at The Hazlitt Theatre soon and I wondered if you had any plans for such a show, we sadly cannot go to “H” es show as we are on a cruise. One of the reasons I ask ask is that some years ago, after we had been listening to the radio, we both wondered what you looked like, we we down to the Burstin Hotel, Folkestone for a C & W weekend and to our surprise you yourself were billed as the entertainment for the evening, and with a mike on a lead (not nowadays) you really gave one of the funniest shows we had seen, and with NO swearing at all. Many stand-ups of today relie so much on F`in and blindin` . Anyhow getting back to today, do you have anything planned at all, the Hazlitt would be a perfect size, maybe yourself and Mr. Harris together with stories and anecdotes from years gone by.
            Thanks for reading……..Graham

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