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To all my beloved fans

Since my BBC Radio Kent Sunday Supplement show with my dear friend Paul Harris was cancelled, I’ve decided it’s time to get on this thing they call the ‘Internet’ so that I can stay engaged with my fans. It’s currently in development and we hope to be fully live by the end of July 2015.

The website provides a means for you to keep up to date with my latest ventures including my work at London’s Brick Lane Music Hall and my own Paul James Party Weekends and cabaret shows.

I really hope you find it useful and hope to see you at one of my shows very soon.

God bless.


Paul James

Paul James. Born 19th July 1947 in Gravesend, Kent is a British comedian, actor, producer and radio presenter. Known as ‘PJ the DJ’ to his fans, he was one the most famous voices on BBC Radio Kent for 28 years. Since leaving the BBC, Paul continues to appear on stage in theatres across the country performing comedy, cabaret and hosting his popular Paul James Party Weekends.

  • reply pat coles ,

    Still miss hearing the sunday show on radio kent, hardly listern to that station now, seen you at Warners, and in the Brick Lane shows, nice that you now have this interesting web site.

    • reply Paul James ,

      Hi Pat

      So glad that my beloved listeners can still get to see me and hear me ramble on.

      Hope to see you again soon


    • reply Joan ,

      Hi Paul

      Just found your web site. Oh how I miss you on radio Kent on Sunday with Paul Harris. Rarely listen to radio Kent on a Sunday as its repeat after repeat and mostly political. On the weekend every body needs to be cheered up and you certainly done that with the other Paul. Saw your show at maidstone last week and it was as good as ever. Cheers Paul.

      • reply Pat ,

        Sorry you could not get to Allington Castle WI Christmas party but hope you are well on the road to recovery. Enjoyed your show with Paul Harris.

        • reply Christine and Carol ,

          Hi Paul,we have heard through the grape vine you are not well.
          we hope you are on the mend, and will be at Bracklesham bay,for your big weekend.
          If i say we are the sisters who used to get up and do the funny dance at the end of the shows wearing all sorts of fancey dress
          and hats.we would like to hear that you are ok Hope to see you soon XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

          • reply Roy Winfield ,

            Hi Paul, hope your doing well. I also still miss the Sunday show with Paul Harris. I don’t understand why they want to repeat miserable weekday phone in grumbles again on a Sunday. I rarely listen to Radio Kent now, living in north Kent I tune into BBC Essex, they seem to have a happier outlook.

            • reply sandra ray ,

              Hi Paul Thanks again for a great weekend at Brackalsham bay ,not laughed so much in ages ,thanks to all your guests especially Gary who entertained us at the weekend ,It was like one big party ,thanks again Sandra fron grays xx

              • reply Paul James ,

                My absolute pleasure. So happy to hear you had a great time and look forward to seeing you all again soon.


              • reply sandra ray ,

                Hi Paul I hope you are keeping well ,still miss you on the radio ,are you doing a summer season any where this year ,loved the shows at Margate .Have great summer wherever you are & looking forward to seeing you at Brackalsham in May best wishes Sandra (from Grays )

                • reply Giuliano ,

                  Hi Paul, I miss your Saturday show on radio kent, I thought I let you know that you can watch now Tony Martin on you tube singing one the of songs from your favourite CD. ‘Maybe this time’ Put in “Tony E Martin”
                  Wish you a very prosperous 2017

                  • reply Sue Norris ,

                    Hi Paul, I am going on p&o Ventura 16th June 2017 and fingers crossed you will be entertaining us on board??? I hope so as used to really enjoy listening to you and Paul on the radio, you are both missed!!

                    • reply Jools ,

                      Hi Paul……..used to listen to you and Paul Harris on Radio Kent on Sundays. I was amazed to see you Thurs 1/6/2017 at Brick Lane Music Hall. The whole show was amazing! All the stage people and workers in the Music Hall were so happy, enthusiastic and energetic. It was a great afternoon of music, fun and entertainment . The audience was enveloped into the show and it seemed as if everyone was enjoying themselves as one big happy family. The ‘skit ‘ of the 2 ladies chatting about their husbands was hilarious and obviously much of their chatter was made up spontaneously . Well done to all involved. A great show. Wonderful to see you are doing what you love… well… usual. Please pass on our best wishes to all at the Music Hall……………..praise where praise is due from all at New Ash Green Active Retirement Assoc (Kent)

                      • reply Paul James ,

                        Hello to everyone at the New Ash Green Active Retirement Association!

                        Thanks so much for such wonderful comments. Knowing that I can still ‘crack a funny’ and make people smile is what keeps me going.

                        Hope to see you all again soon.

                        All the best, PJ

                      • reply Francis Emery ,

                        Paul, you are without doubt the funniest comedian that I have had the privilege to sit and listen to for as long as I can remember. absolutely hilarious! Real tears of laughter from us fellas, and the odd Tena pad or two might have helped the ladies! Everyone that I spoke to at Bembridge who watched the same show agreed. My friends and I would say the next day, “can we have Paul James back gain tonight”! So refreshing to watch a real comic at work. The comedy scene needs more people like you and less of some of the modern ‘new wave’ nonsense that we have to put up with these days. Paul we are the same age, so long may you continue bringing the house down and long may I be around to listen to you. You made my year! Finally, I do create the occasional joke, not many, but would gladly give you them. Just tell me where to send them.

                        • reply Graham Hicks ,

                          Hi Paul, great memories of your Fantastic Shows, at the Ocean Hotel Salt-dean, a few years ago., also of Peter Leigh James, and Rob from Joint Effort. What a great team you were together. Do you keep in touch with them ?? Hope you get to come down to Cardiff Soon, my Wife and I would Love to see you again, Regards Graham Hicks.

                          • reply Vicky white ,

                            Hello, I used to go to the ocean hotel about 25 years ago as a little girl with my mom and nan and we loved you! I was sick in the restaurant and you cake and gave me a huge hug! I hope your well! Wondered if your still in touch with peter Leigh James?? Been taking a trip done memory lane xxx

                          • reply Jan Goldsack ,

                            Hi Paul
                            Have just been going through our old LPs and found yours. …. Paul James Live.
                            You signed it…. to my old mate , keep smiling. I have no idea how long ago this was, but it’s good to know you are still on the go.

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